The ‘Art + Design: elearning lab - design for social change’ pursues a variety of educational and research activities, as well as practical socially orientated interventions in support of design for social change and innovation, social entrepreneurship, design education and technology-enhanced learning. We are a group of friendly individuals with diverse and complementary skills and interests, and we work as a collective. Design thinking, evidence-based design, ethnography, phenomenography, grounded theory and action research inform our strategies. Our lab publishes the online journal ‘DISCERN, International Journal of Design for Social Change, Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, available at

Meet The Team

Dr. Nicos Souleles

-educational research
-design for social change
-technology enhanced learning

Dr. Andrew Laghos

-social networks
-human computer interaction

Dr. Stephania Savva

-technology-enhanced learning
-museum education

Dr. Eirini Papageorgiou

-cultural heritage expert
-arts and culture training

DR. Marios Samdanis

-cultural entrepreneurship
-social innovation
-digital creativity

Dr. Ana Ferreira

-associate researcher
-innovation, sustainability
-social design

Dr. Katja Fleischmann

-design for social change
-design, innovation research
-design e-learning

Claire Pillar

-editorial & content development
-knowledge management
-social media

Desislava Mincheva

-visual designer
-design for social impact

Eleni Dimitriadou

-social activism
-resilience & refugees

George Kyriakides

-visual communication
-social commentary

George Kokou

-entrepreneurship & innovation
-marketing management
-business networking