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Innovate, Journal of Online Education.


  • Ulrich Rauch, Marvin Cohodas, and Tim Wang describe the Arts Metaverse, a Croquet-based virtual learning environment under development at the University of British Columbia. The Arts Metaverse allows three-dimensional virtual reconstruction of important artifacts and sites of classical, ancient, and indigenous American art, thereby allowing students access to places and works they would not otherwise be able to experience. The Arts Metaverse has been developed on the principle that engaging students in the construction of a virtual teaching and learning environment can facilitate collaboration between teachers and students and create a participative learning experience. In this spirit, the Arts Metaverse Project aims to make students and academics joint researchers creating and sharing knowledge beyond the walls of the university. While projects developed for the Arts Metaverse thus far have focused on art and architecture, the technology and process are entirely appropriate for a wide range of inquiries in the humanities and social sciences.

  • Mary Anne Clark describes the organization and uses of Genome Island, a virtual laboratory complex constructed in Second Life. Genome Island was created for teaching genetics to university undergraduates but also provides a public space where anyone interested in genetics can spend a few minutes, or a few hours, interacting with genetic objects—from simple experiments with peas to the organization of whole genomes. Each of the approximately four dozen activities available in the island's various areas includes background information, model objects with data sets, and suggestions for data analysis. The island also has a presentation theater, an indoor conference setting, and separate meeting spaces suitable for small group conversations. Clark describes some of the activities available on the island, offers advice for their use, and discusses the results of a pilot project that identified some pedagogical and technical challenges arising in this virtual setting.
Objectives of this site:
  • Identify the main characteristic of Interactive Multimedia (IMM) as empowering the user.
  • Distinguish between levels of interactivity and their applications.

  • Recognise the educational benefits of IMM.

  • Outline good teaching practices in the delivery of multimedia courses.

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Picture of nicos souleles
Interactivity in teaching and learning
by nicos souleles - Monday, 5 May 2008, 06:56 PM

The contents of this Moodle site are based on the web page: http://www.outofthebox.nu/interactivity. I am moving the content of that site over to this Moodle site to take advantage of the interactive elements offered by this VLE. One of the challenges is to come up with lessons and activities that utilise the interactive and collaborative tools offered by Moodle.

Contributions and suggestions are welcome.

This site may be of interest to:
  • Students of multimedia, vocational and undergraduate levels,
  • Multimedia designers and content developers,
  • Educators designing interactive courseware,
  • Instructional Designers working with multimedia technology,
  • Multimedia educators.
Nicos Souleles
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